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Common Questions

How can I report fraudulent activity regarding a Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (In Rehabilitation) policy?

Please call 888-387-5824, complete the online Fraudulent Activity Referral Form, or write to:

Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (In Rehabilitation)
P.O. Box 64913
St. Paul, MN 55164

What is a third party designee?

A third party designee is a person of your choosing that we will notify if your policy is in jeopardy of lapsing due to nonpayment of premium.


What is needed to make an address or phone number change?

You may simply call customer service to update your address or phone number. You may also submit a signed written request to our claims group.

How do I file a claim for the first time?

If you are filing a claim for the first time, we will need a completed application for benefits packet, which includes information from you, your doctor, and the facility or provider. You can find more information on submitting forms on our Submitting Claims page.

What do I need for ongoing claims?

For ongoing services to be considered please submit Continued Proof of Loss. You can find more information about ongoing claims by contacting customer service.

Are my benefits good in another state?

Yes. As long as you meet your eligibility for benefits under your policy, you may use your policy in any state.

Why have I not received a premium notice?

Premium notices are generated 20 days before the premium due date.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Currently, Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (In Rehabilitation) does not accept credit card payments.

Do I have a grace period on my policy premiums?


Where do I send my premium payments?

Please send to:

Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (In Rehabilitation)
Dept CH 14356
Palatine, IL 60055-4356

Is there an overnight premium payment address?

Please send to:

Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (In Rehabilitation)
Attn: 14356
5505 N. Cumberland Ave. Ste. 307
Chicago, IL 60656

Why did I receive a 1099-LTC?

Any claim payment made on a long-term care policy over the last year receives a 1099-LTC.

What claim forms must be completed for every claim?

The required forms are included within the Claim Information Package. Complete the first two pages of the Policyholder Claim form. Also complete the Authorization For Disclosure of Health-Related Information, if you want to authorize anyone other than the policyholder to speak with us about your claim. Please submit all of these forms to us together. PLEASE ALSO MAKE SURE THAT ITEMIZED INVOICES ARE SUBMITTED TO US. If you are filing a Home Health Care claim, the Caregiver Weekly Timesheets may be used if your provider does not supply them.

Is there any additional information, other than claim forms, needed to make a claim determination?

Once we receive completed claim forms, it may be necessary for us to obtain additional documentation to make an accurate determination of eligibility for benefits. The additional documentation may include, but is not limited to, physician and hospital records, the provider’s license (if applicable) and care provider notes. In all cases itemized bills must be submitted to us for benefits to be provided. It is very important to make copies of all correspondence being sent in to file the claim so that you have a record of what you have submitted. Please refer to the appropriate initial claim checklist for detailed guidance on completing the claim forms, as well as, the additional documentation we may need.

Who completes the claim form?

We request that the policyholder or legal representative fully complete the Policyholder Claim form and the Authorization For Use of Health-Related Information. The policyholder or legal representative should also complete the Authorization for Disclosure of Health-Related Information if you want to authorize us to speak to anyone other than the policyholder about this claim. Be sure to return these documents to us at the same time.

What is a Continued Monthly Residence (CMR) Form?

A Continued Monthly Residence form is a required part of the monthly claim submission and must be completed thoroughly by facility staff.

What is a Direction to Pay form?

A Direction to Pay form allows us to pay your care provider directly. This is not a permanent assignment of policy benefits; you have the right to change your mind at any time in the future. This form is only required if you would like us to send any payable benefits directly to your provider. In order to assign benefits, please be advised that we will only accept the Direction to Pay form. In addition, your provider must send us a completed W-9 form (required by the IRS).

Where can I get more claim forms?

More claim forms can be downloaded from our Forms page or you can call our customer service team to obtain forms through the mail.

Who can answer questions or concerns about the status of a claim or the claim process?

A member of our customer service team can clarify policy benefits and explain the claim process, although some privacy regulations may apply. If you have questions regarding a claim, please contact us.

Where should I send the completed claim forms?

Our mailing address and fax number are located on the bottom of each claim form and in the instructions included in the Claim Information Package.

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