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Election Package Video Series

A series of seven videos has been created to accompany the Election Packages sent to policyholders. These videos are designed to provide useful guidance to policyholders as they consider their coverage options and make an important decision about their long-term care insurance policy.  A Sample Election Package is available as an additional helpful resource in this Election Package section of our website to further assist policyholders in making their important decisions.

Long-term care insurance can be complicated, and insurance rehabilitation can be complex as well. These videos are designed to provide additional valuable information to help policyholders, their family members, and trusted advisors better understand SHIP’s rehabilitation process and the options available to policyholders under the Approved Rehabilitation Plan.  You may view the videos by clicking on each video link.



Contents of the Election Package

This video explains the contents of the Election Package and how that content has been personalized for each policyholder to help them understand their coverage options and the actions they need to take.



It's Time to Make A Decision

This video explains how SHIP entered into rehabilitation and why this means that affected policyholders will receive an Election Package to help them make a decision about their insurance coverage.



Understanding Your Options

This video goes into greater detail about each of the coverage options and the impact of each option on a policyholder’s coverage.



Phases of the Plan

Insurance rehabilitation is a complex process. This video gives an overview of the phases of the Rehabilitation Plan.



What to Look for in an Option

Policyholders’ needs are different. This video helps policyholders know what to look for in a coverage option and how to decide which is the right option for them.



Follow These Simple Steps

This video gives policyholders simple instructions on how to submit their Coverage Election Form for processing.



What Happens Next?

Policyholders may also wonder what happens after they have made their coverage selection. This video lets policyholders know what they can expect and when.

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