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Election Package Overview

In September 2021, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court issued an order approving a Rehabilitation Plan for SHIP (“Approved Rehabilitation Plan”). As part of the implementation of the Approved Rehabilitation Plan, most policyholders will have a decision to make about changes to their policy’s premium rates and benefits.

Many policyholders received their Election Packages and submitted their Coverage Election Forms in early 2022. Election Packages will continue to be mailed to other policyholders during the next several months. The Election Packages include a step-by-step guide to assist policyholders in making their decision, information explaining personalized options available to each policyholder, and an election form with a self-addressed stamped envelope that must be returned to SHIP. 


In addition to the Election Package materials mailed to policyholders whose policies were issued in opt-in states, SHIP is pleased to provide policyholders, family members, and trusted advisors additional helpful resources in this Election Package section of our website to further assist policyholders in making their important decisions. This additional information includes a Sample Election Package and an Election Package Video Series. Please click on the links below for access to the additional information.

Note:  Election Packages are not being mailed at this time to policyholders of policies in the following jurisdictions:

District of Columbia



North Dakota

South Carolina

The insurance commissioners in some of these jurisdictions have requested that Election Packages not be mailed to their policyholders at this time. The other jurisdictions are opt-out states for whose policyholders different election packages will be prepared at a later date depending on those states’ decisions in response to the Rehabilitator’s premium rate applications.

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