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Questions About the Trust

image Find answers to questions you may have about the trust....


How do I submit a claim?

image If you are filing a claim for the first time we will need a completed application for benefits packet...


What is third party notification?

image A third party designee is a person of your choosing that we will notify if your policy is in jeopardy of...


Do you suspect fraud?

image Long term care insurance fraud has many characteristics and can be committed by anyone...



Welcome to Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (SHIP). We are focused exclusively on providing high quality service and meeting the Long Term Care policy commitments of our policyholders. Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania operates without the objective of a profit, which means that customer premiums are applied to supporting service and claims, rather than returning a profit to shareholders of a corporation. In fact, Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania is owned by an independent Trust, created by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department to ensure that its mission is supported. We invite you to read more about our company, the Trust, and our exclusive commitment - to serve you, our policyholders.