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Common Questions About the Trust

1. Why Pennsylvania?

Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company was domiciled in Pennsylvania when it was established. SHIP is a rename of Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company. It is the insurance company that you have used. SHIP is a Pennsylvania corporation. The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, therefore, continues to have oversight and control of the company as it is domiciled there.

2. How is SHIP funded?

SHIP is regulated by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. It has approximately $3 Billion in reserve to support and pay future claims.

3. What is an Oversight Trust?

Instead of being part of a for-profit insurance company, SHIP’s operations will be overseen by a team of distinguished Trustees who will ensure that SHIP is run exclusively for the benefit of its policyholders with no profit motive.

4. Where is the company situated or located?

SHIP is based in Carmel, Indiana.

5. What will change for me?

It is our goal to make the transition to SHIP as seamless as possible. The changes implemented by Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania will result in improved services to you: faster and more accurate processing, timely and complete responses to inquiries, and access to staff via email or phone.

6. How exactly does this change benefit me?

The Oversight Trust and SHIP’s management exist for one exclusive purpose – to support its obligations to its Long Term Care policyholders. There is no corporate profit to contribute toward, and no other corporate activities to distract the management team. All of the company’s resources and efforts are dedicated to servicing our Long Term Care customers.